Friday, November 26, 2010

Interesting Reading Lately

So, I've been spending lots and lots of time on the Scribophile website.  It's a land where writers can read and critique other people's works, and have their own work critiqued.  Unfortunately, I've never been able to put down a good story, and I've been immersed in a work by another author until tonight when I finally got to the end.  I really hope it gets published - it's a fascinating story that deserves to have lots of people enjoy it.

My own writing, on the other hand, needs to get back on track. It's time to go back and reread the critiques that were generously given by other writers to tighten up the first two chapters of Inertia.  I'm still not in love with the title, but it gives me a name for the book when it's up for critique on the site.  The suggestions I received have been fantastic and eye-opening.  The more I hang out on the site, the more I want to upgrade to the premium membership so I can post all of the chapters I've written so far and start getting some feedback.  Those who have critiqued me have noted interest in seeing how Hannah's character develops, but I can't show them anything more than what I have posted so far.

I'm excited to do the revising, and in a way, dreading writing the next section of the book.  It's going to take time and attention to get it down on paper and I haven't felt that I have the stamina to make it happen.  I don't want to do a half-assed job with it, but the longer I wait, the longer I'll have nothing written.  Sometime you just have to take the first step.  If I'm lucky, once the story starts to come out, it will flow out onto the pages.  And if not?  Well, it wouldn't be the first time I deleted entire sections that I decided I hated.  I had written 17 chapters back in November 2008, hated the whole thing, threw it out and started over.  Fifteen brand-new chapters later, I think this book might have a shot.

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