Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meaningful Critiques

Whoever said that a critique doesn't count if it's from your mom never met my mom.

I've been working mostly with my critique group, editing and revising what I thought was a complete manuscript. I've been polishing, searching out typos and grammar faux pas. And I thought I would be submitting this fantastic manuscript this weekend after finishing the synopsis. Then mom called.

Turns out, Marc's character is underdeveloped. Way underdeveloped. I knew I was having trouble writing Marc, but I completely underestimated his shortcomings (and my own, come to that). Apparently there's nothing redeeming about him and mom spent the book wondering why Hannah was with him in the first place - clearly not something I want the reader doing.

So, it's back to work to iron out this "minor" kink. And if all goes well, then I may actually get to say that it's done!

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